Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Vaidya Pro?

    Vaidya Pro is an online platform serving patients and doctors by providing quality Healthcare via online video consultations, The service is available across computers, tablets, and mobile devices. You can search, book, and consult online for non-critical illness.

  • How do I reach a doctor?

    After logging in, the prospective patient is asked to fill out the requisite details which would show a list of available doctors with desired specialties in the nearby locality. On selecting a specific doctor, a calendar will show the available timings for the doctor. Once the appointment is fixed, the patient will receive a link before appointment timings, which will connect to the doctor through a video call.

  • How much does it cost?

    Consultation fees vary with individual doctors. You save both on time and money by cutting down on travel and waiting time at clinics.

  • How are Doctor credentials verified?

    All doctors on the Vaidya Pro platform are certified doctors licensed to practice medicine. We have a stringent policy of verifying licenses and certificates before a doctor profile goes live.

  • Can I use the service in Emergencies?

    No, this platform is solely for primary care and acts as a substitute for a doctor visit. In case of life-threatening emergencies, call an ambulance or head to the nearest hospital.

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